Welcome to Mabel Rae's


I’m Kristin, owner and creator of Mabel Rae’s. Mabel Rae's is named after two of the strongest women I have known and the reason I am the way I am. Mabel was my Grandma's name (my Mom's Mom) and Rae is my Mom's middle name.

I love creating things and have found a passion for making nice, good quality soaps.

Mabel Rae's is natural. I only use plant based oils and beeswax to make the soap base. Also, I only use essential oils for the scents and natural clays and powders for the colors. All items have a light scent. As someone who’s migraines can be triggered by strong scents, I didn’t want to make overpowering scents that could trigger someone, and I wanted to make sure my products would be gentle enough for all users.

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